Animal Bytes - San Diego Zoo; great information about animals; can type in a search term or search by categories (amphibian, bird, mammal, reptile, insect); habitats and ecosysystems or continents

Animal Diversity Web - detailed information about animals from the University of Michigan

Amazing Animals - National Geographic Kids - photos, videos, facts, etc.

Animal Facts - National Geographic

Animal Photo Galleries - National Geographic

Animals - National Geographic - Search animals A-Z for information

Critter Catalog - BioKids Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species from the University of Michigan; information about animals common to Michigan

Poison Dart Frog Vivarium - American Museum of Natural History

eNature - National Wildlife Federation

ESPECIES Fact Sheets - Kids Planet

Natureworks - New Hampshire Public Television

New Hampshire Fish and Game Wildlife Fact Sheets

Smithsonian National Zoological Park Animal Index -

Smithsonian Wild - "Explore 201,000 camera trap images collected at research sites around the world"

Wildlife - EcoKids

Wildlife - National Geographic Kids (search by category or habitat)

Wildlife Finder - BBC - Animals

Wildscreen Arkive - Discover and explore endangered animals

Zooborns - "The newest and cutest exotic animal babies from zoos and aquariums from around the world"

Animal Cams - live web cams from the Smithsonian National Zoological park - Amazon River Fish; Andean Bear Cub; Asian Small-clawed Otter; Black Footed Ferret; Cheetah; Clouded Leopard; Fishing Cat; Flamingo Lion; Gorilla Naked Mole Rat; Octopus Orangutan; Panda; Tiger; etc

Frog Cam - American Museum of Natural History

Nest Cams - Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Chimney Swift; Tree Swallow; Seabirds of Alaska; Pacific Loon; and search the archives for others

San Diego Zoo - Panda Cam ; Polar Cam; Elephant Cam ; Ape Cam

Sea World - Animal Vision Turtles, Stingrays, Penguins

Amazing Animal Web Cams Livebinder - KB Konnected

Kids Planet - (website dedicated to defending wildlife) Wild games; coloring pages, wildlife adoption center, etc.

Kids Territory - Meet the critters at the San Diego Zoo; site also has games,animal cams, crafts, recipes, science projects, and information about zoo jobs

Fly Eating Tree Frog Gadget by aBowman - move your mouse and the tree frog will follow ....