Animal Diversity Web - University of Michigan Museum of Zoology; Information about specific insects

An Insect's Perspective Webquest

The Bug Club - caresheets for keeping insects as pets

Bug Hunt - EcoKids - " Play the Bug Hunt game or explore Jessica's notebook to learn about predators and pollinators.

Explore Butterflies - Interactive activities to "Test Your Butterfly Smarts," Build a Butterfly Habitat, Field Observation, and learn about Butterflies and Climate Change

Going Buggy - Scholastic; Play Monster Bugs; Build a Caterpillar; Talk Bugs with The Frizz (Mrs. Frizzle); All About Bugs; The MagicSchoolbus Insect Tour; Classify Insects: Zoom in on True Insects

Journey North - Monarch Butterfly Migration
Follow the Monarch migration patterns as it makes its journey south and then back north again

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs) - University of Kentucky Department of Entomology
Bugfood; Mystery Bug, What is it?; Bug Fun; Insects all Year, Read More About Insects and their Relatives; Teacher/Parent Resource Materials

Kentucky CritterFiles - University of Kentucky; Information about insects found in Kentucky

Mission: Explore - Natural History Museum
Mission is to explore, discover and collect on the island of Regaloam; then identify, preserve and exhibit the specimen in a museum.

Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania - Mrs. O's House Comprehensive site including lots of informational links, activities, and a tour

Most Wanted Bugs - Stunning micro photography accompanies these FBIA's (Federal Bug Intelligence Agency) Most Wanted Posters

Science and Photography Through the Microscope - Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.
Click on "Zoom In" to see parts of a bug close-up, or click on "Most Wanted Bugs" to get descriptions

Tales from the Hive - PBS