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WHAT IS TWITTER? Sign up for an account at http://twitter.com

What the Heck is Twitter? great explanation of what Twitter is and how it can benefit you

Video: Twitter in Plain English (it's embedded below but is sometimes slow to load)
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Nine Great Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Twitter- Laura Walker

Zion Technology Blitz VoiceThread - In this VoiceThread, educators from around the world explain why they use Twitter

Still Don't Get Twitter? Maybe This Will Help

I use Twitter to..... (Google Doc slideshow - beautiful photos; simple, artistic introduction to uses of Twitter)


Cure What Ails You: A Dose of Twitter for Every Day of the School Year - Kathy Schrock

Twitter Tutorial - 20 minute step-by-step tutorial for getting started on Twitter (the basics are covered in the first 11 minutes; and gets more in depth after that)

Twitter Handout by Norah Connolly, Librarian, S. Parker Middle School, Reading, MA

Twitter Cheat Sheet - by @gminks Adventures in Corporate Education (developed for business audience - great double-sided handout for getting started)

K-3 Teachers Guide to Twitter - a "how to" written with the early educator in mind by K-3 Teacher Resources

10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners -10 beginning tips from TwiTips

5 Things to Get Your Twitter Network Off the Ground -Some helpful advice for beginners from Tom Barrett:
"One more thing to remember is that in the early days of Twitter use it can be very quiet, few replies, not much going on in terms of conversation. Do not be discouraged – try to perservere and stick it out and keep using it, as soon there will be a “tipping point” when the connections you have made reap a bountiful information harvest."

Is There a Doctor on Board? Twitter as part of your Personal Learning Network/ ICT in my Classroom
- Tom Barrett talks about "The New User Experience" and the need to have patience while your PLN (Personal Learning Network) grows

HOW TO: Build Community on Twitter - Tips from Mashable on how to build community; includes some Twitter etiquette -

HOW NOT TO: Build Your Twitter Community - Some advice from Mashable on what NOT to do

26 Keys to Twitter Success - Angela Maiers writes the ABC's for Twitter Success

Twitter: A Teaching and Learning Tool - Tom Barrett writes about the nuances of Twitter as a communication tool; questions to ask when building your PLN; and how the use of Twitter benefits teaching and learning in this detailed blog post

Twitter 101 for Educators - some good tips from Elaine Plybon

Why a PLN? -This blog post contains a VoiceThread with stories from educators who explain why their PLN is important and how it has helped them


*MrsDi/nh-edtech-pln - New Hampshire educators

Educators on Twitter Spreadsheet -find educators by grade level and subject area

Twitter4teachers - This wiki is a great place to find an extensive list of educators arranged by professional area of expertise (elementary, early childhood, counselors, librarians, etc.)

Twitter Help for Educators - several good lists of educators to follow on this site (look in column to the right) - searchable directory of public Twitter accounts

Top 100 Educators to Follow on Twitter - a list from the UK

Twellow - searchable directory of public Twitter accounts

Just Tweet It- "find other Twitter users just like you"

Directory of Learning Professionals(and others) on Twitter- Jane Hart's 100 Learning Professionals to follow

Follow Friday (#followfriday) - An explanation of Follow Fridays (the day when people recommend their favorite or most helpful "tweeters"

The 50 Most Popular Celebs on Twitter - Times Online article written February 2, 2009. For more up to date statistics see Twitterholic

Twittonary - A Twitter Dictionary

Twictionary- A Twitter dictionary "a repository for the meanings and manglings of words and language on Twitter"

*TweetDeck- a handy browser for viewing Twitter in a multiple column format and that allows you to connect with other accounts such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Read http://www.davidalison.com/

Top 100 Tools for the Twittering Teacher- Here's a fabulous list of tools to help educators get the most out of Twitter

Mr Tweet- receive recommendations of people to follow based on the people you already follow

Twitter Search - a Twitter search engine

Monitter- "monitter" Twitter to see what's being said, by typing in a search term in the three search boxes

30 Interesting Twitter Services and Applications - by Antonio Lupetti

Twitter Keys -emoticons that you can use with Twitter

Tweetbeep- Free twitter alerts by e-mail (e.g. who mentions you, your blog or website, etc.)

TweetStats: Graphin' Your Stats - gives you a graph of your Twitter Stats (tweets per hour, month, tweet timeline, replies)

Hashtags - Twitter Fan Wiki- hashtags allow you to form "groupings" on Twitter that you can track

20 Hottest Hashtags For Teachers on Twitter

Twitter Buttons- free Twitter Buttons to embed in blogs, web sites, etc.

7 Top Twitter Tutorials on YouTube - Top 7 picked by Mashable

***How to Become a Twitter Teacher (TT) in 23 Steps or Less- Nicely organized with good links

How to Use Twitter for Social Learning - Jane Hart

Angela Maier's Twitter Resources Library - lots of links for using Twitter in the Classroom

**Angela Maier's Twitter Engagement Formula** - everyone's formula is different, but Angela uses a 70-20-10 formula; 70% sharing resources, 20% collaboration, and 10% chit-chat

**There's a Better Way to Retweet** - Twitips suggests a way to add value to retweets

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education - Carol Cooper-Taylor's List

30 Funny Twitter Comics- Webdesigner Depot

Educators Test the Limits of Twitter Microblogging Tool- an example of how an educator has incorporated the use of Twitter in his classroom

Twitter Tips for Teacher's and Educators
David Hopkins shares his tips starting with "Work out what you want to get out of Twitter. If you don't do this, then Twitter will be a waste of time."
Read more/ Source: http://www.dontwasteyourtime.co.uk/twitter/twitter-tips-for-teachers-educators-2/#ixzz0jUljIcHy
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Twitter for Teachers: a Collaborative Effort to Teach Teachers about Twitter - Collaborative e-book

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