Animated Story about Chinese New Year - British Council; also a song to listen to and read along with

Chinese New Year Video - (Suggest you load it ahead of time, or it may stop and start because of buffering problems).

The Chinese Zodiac - Art Institute of Chicago

The Great Race - British Council
"The Chinese Lunar calendar names each year after one of twelve animals, this year is the year of the rabbit. Here is a story which tells of the Jade Emperor's clever plan to decide the order the animal years should go in. Find out who came first in The Great Race."

Sagwa: Countdown to the New Year - PBS Kids; games for the Chinese New Year

For Teachers:

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac - Edsitement Lesson Plans K-2

Celebrate the Chinese New Year - Hot Chalk
Lesson plan, craft activities, and a play

Chinese New Year - Activity Village
Lots of activities, crafts, coloring pages, stories, games, jokes, etc. here - but site has tons of ads